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Loriana.crypto naemakingthings.crypto

Loriana.crypto naemakingthings.crypto

My initial idea was to publish everything related to NFT on my website Loriana.Crypto. and all NFT of Nae on naemakingthings.crypto, two websites that I bought from Unstoppable Domains 

Unstoppable Domains builds, launches, and sells its own domain extensions( on the blockchain.  

I set up the initial steps to use them as a blog, and they are fully functional as a crypto payment gateway.

I installed on my brave and chrome browser the extension that supposedly allowed me to resolve the blogs; I have used opera and even the Unstoppable browser: But I haven’t established stable links to edit the blogs or use them as chat.  

I think I haven’t understood and troubleshoot the technical problems that I have found in my way. I will continue working on this, hoping that very soon they can be used as the default blog for all things blockchain, meanwhile, everything will be posted on my website

Nae Making Things. Statement

Nae Making Things. Statement

TLDR: Nae is my niece, she is 9 years old. I am a photographer, and she is an aspiring baker. Like most kids, she likes the arts, and so I have been teaching her about photography.  I also want her to become an expert on the blockchain and be ready for the future.  

The backstory: in June of 2020, because of the pandemic, I decided to drive from Houston  pick up my brother, his wife Alexandra, and my niece Nae and head to Chicago to stay with my sister Maria. During this trip, I started teaching Nae about photography. I brought an old polaroid paired up with the new film from The Impossible Project.  I gave her few instructions, and she began taking photographs,  

A few months later they all decided to move temporarily to Houston to be together during the pandemic. Nae received a used Olympus 4/3 mirrorless body camera for her birthday and I gave her the Olympus 4/3 kit lenses, a few instructions, and off she went on her own taking photos. 

I will most likely be the one keeping up most of the blog for her as she is allowed limited screentime each day. I will be converting her photos to NFTs and I will be teaching her how to use Adobe Suite. As I have done up until now, my instructions are technical. She has a very strong sense of what she likes and of what she is trying to accomplish with each photo,  

At some moment I suspect she will take over this blog (if she is still interested) I plan to help her have the skills she needs: photography, animation,  blockchain, NFTs. crypto wallet, crypto payments, IPFS, etc. at that point she will be able to shape it into exactly what she wants it to be

NFT Projects

NFT Projects

My NFT projects are divided into three main interest:

1-Unlimited Art Creations


The first one will explore the blockchain as a professional photographer,

 NFT’s most salient superpower is that it established a record on the blockchain. It is easier to control the dissemination of my work, but it’s also a new opportunity to reach new audiences and a way to monetize my work easily. 

2- Nae (Under construction)

She is my 9 years niece, and I will manage her artwork; I think this will be a slow process because she is a busy little girl: she swims, is homeschooled, and is always planning all kinds of projects.
For now, I am just a guide of my niece’s path into photography, NFT, and maybe in the future, an artist and an entrepreneur.

3- Loriana Art


This is where all the art experimentation will be happening; I am not a per se digital artist unless photographs are digital art (the jury is out). NFT promises are bast and diverse, and we are just starting to explore them; here, I will create NFTs projects and test my personal take of the space.

And because I will drive myself crazy having three blogs, will house all my writings about NFTs.

For me, anything about NFT is about learning and experimentation… FUN.