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Loriana.crypto naemakingthings.crypto

Loriana.crypto naemakingthings.crypto

My initial idea was to publish everything related to NFT on my website Loriana.Crypto. and all NFT of Nae on naemakingthings.crypto, two websites that I bought from Unstoppable Domains 

Unstoppable Domains builds, launches, and sells its own domain extensions( on the blockchain.  

I set up the initial steps to use them as a blog, and they are fully functional as a crypto payment gateway.

I installed on my brave and chrome browser the extension that supposedly allowed me to resolve the blogs; I have used opera and even the Unstoppable browser: But I haven’t established stable links to edit the blogs or use them as chat.  

I think I haven’t understood and troubleshoot the technical problems that I have found in my way. I will continue working on this, hoping that very soon they can be used as the default blog for all things blockchain, meanwhile, everything will be posted on my website

Artist Statement: Over-Time Series

Artist Statement: Over-Time Series

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) are the latest fad in the implementation of Blockchain, a technology that makes it possible to attach copyright to digital creations (drawings, music, photography, etc.) In the same way that someone can buy a Botero print and that there is only one original, today, a digital work of art can be purchased. For the first time with NFT, they can be created and transferred as originals and without intermediaries.

But this is still a complex technology. I have read and studied everything that falls into my hands, but as an artist, I want to take the next step and, from experience, understand what it means to be a digital artist in 2021. To accomplish this, I will use the only digital copies that I have saved in my lifetime to create a series called El Paso del Tiempo. (Over-time)

In 2007 I read that El Tiempo (the best-selling newspaper in Colombia) was going to have an online event, (Comparte-arte) on a specific day and time, and only one opportunity to download free high-quality digital versions of three renowned Colombian artists: Fernando Botero with Tamer,  Ana Mercedes Hoyos with the portrait Zenaida, and Nadin Ospina with Constellations.

I wrote the information on a piece of paper and pasted it on my computer screen. I had an appointment with magic; technology was going to let me participate in the world of art in a different way.

I did not know if my computer had space or if my internet was enough to download the images. I do not remember how the process was; what I remember was the anxiety and fear of losing this moment and, after downloading the folder, the immense happiness of having -an original- even if it was digital.

In all these years, I have never shared this story. I have never shown anyone these images, and not because it is a secret, it just never occurred to me that someone could share my enthusiasm to have these works that are everything – an original – it is not: They are not unique, there is no market, they do not really belong to me, they cannot be smelled or touched, or hang in the living room.

 How can I explain that despite all these circumstances I have been saving them, taking care of them, enjoying them for 14 years, I have changed computers many times, I have lost photos and documents, but that folder entitled -arte col download- has always been present, I know where it is, from time to time I open it, I do a Google search for them, it gives me infinite pleasure to have them, they make me happy. 

And now that the pandemic has given me the time to understand NFT.  I thought about these three Colombian artists who were ahead of their time, I don’t know anyone who has also downloaded them, and as far as I know, the work of another artist was never shared for the same purpose.

This happened in 2007. Bitcoin emerged in 2011, and the first time I heard about NFT was with crypto kitties in 2017. The parallel between that El Tiempo exercise and NFTs is inevitable. Today those images would have other values ​​and would not be locked in my computer without seeing the light of day.

With this series: Over time, I will use everything that blockchain technology has to offer me as an artist: NFT, IPFT, Wallets, brave browser, tokens AND coins, online stores, etc., and everything is documented in a blog published on the Blockchain: loriana.crypto.

Respecting the original copyright, they will not be sold. The only fees would be transaction fees. My main goal is to create a series -from the heart- that allows me to learn how to navigate the practical, technical, and conceptual challenges of this complex process of being a digital artist in 2021.