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Nae Making Things. Statement

Nae Making Things. Statement

TLDR: Nae is my niece, she is 9 years old. I am a photographer, and she is an aspiring baker. Like most kids, she likes the arts, and so I have been teaching her about photography.  I also want her to become an expert on the blockchain and be ready for the future.  

The backstory: in June of 2020, because of the pandemic, I decided to drive from Houston  pick up my brother, his wife Alexandra, and my niece Nae and head to Chicago to stay with my sister Maria. During this trip, I started teaching Nae about photography. I brought an old polaroid paired up with the new film from The Impossible Project.  I gave her few instructions, and she began taking photographs,  

A few months later they all decided to move temporarily to Houston to be together during the pandemic. Nae received a used Olympus 4/3 mirrorless body camera for her birthday and I gave her the Olympus 4/3 kit lenses, a few instructions, and off she went on her own taking photos. 

I will most likely be the one keeping up most of the blog for her as she is allowed limited screentime each day. I will be converting her photos to NFTs and I will be teaching her how to use Adobe Suite. As I have done up until now, my instructions are technical. She has a very strong sense of what she likes and of what she is trying to accomplish with each photo,  

At some moment I suspect she will take over this blog (if she is still interested) I plan to help her have the skills she needs: photography, animation,  blockchain, NFTs. crypto wallet, crypto payments, IPFS, etc. at that point she will be able to shape it into exactly what she wants it to be

Artist Statement: Over-Time Series

Artist Statement: Over-Time Series

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) are the latest fad in the implementation of Blockchain, a technology that makes it possible to attach copyright to digital creations (drawings, music, photography, etc.) In the same way that someone can buy a Botero print and that there is only one original, today, a digital work of art can be purchased. For the first time with NFT, they can be created and transferred as originals and without intermediaries.

But this is still a complex technology. I have read and studied everything that falls into my hands, but as an artist, I want to take the next step and, from experience, understand what it means to be a digital artist in 2021. To accomplish this, I will use the only digital copies that I have saved in my lifetime to create a series called El Paso del Tiempo. (Over-time)

In 2007 I read that El Tiempo (the best-selling newspaper in Colombia) was going to have an online event, (Comparte-arte) on a specific day and time, and only one opportunity to download free high-quality digital versions of three renowned Colombian artists: Fernando Botero with Tamer,  Ana Mercedes Hoyos with the portrait Zenaida, and Nadin Ospina with Constellations.

I wrote the information on a piece of paper and pasted it on my computer screen. I had an appointment with magic; technology was going to let me participate in the world of art in a different way.

I did not know if my computer had space or if my internet was enough to download the images. I do not remember how the process was; what I remember was the anxiety and fear of losing this moment and, after downloading the folder, the immense happiness of having -an original- even if it was digital.

In all these years, I have never shared this story. I have never shown anyone these images, and not because it is a secret, it just never occurred to me that someone could share my enthusiasm to have these works that are everything – an original – it is not: They are not unique, there is no market, they do not really belong to me, they cannot be smelled or touched, or hang in the living room.

 How can I explain that despite all these circumstances I have been saving them, taking care of them, enjoying them for 14 years, I have changed computers many times, I have lost photos and documents, but that folder entitled -arte col download- has always been present, I know where it is, from time to time I open it, I do a Google search for them, it gives me infinite pleasure to have them, they make me happy. 

And now that the pandemic has given me the time to understand NFT.  I thought about these three Colombian artists who were ahead of their time, I don’t know anyone who has also downloaded them, and as far as I know, the work of another artist was never shared for the same purpose.

This happened in 2007. Bitcoin emerged in 2011, and the first time I heard about NFT was with crypto kitties in 2017. The parallel between that El Tiempo exercise and NFTs is inevitable. Today those images would have other values ​​and would not be locked in my computer without seeing the light of day.

With this series: Over time, I will use everything that blockchain technology has to offer me as an artist: NFT, IPFT, Wallets, brave browser, tokens AND coins, online stores, etc., and everything is documented in a blog published on the Blockchain: loriana.crypto.

Respecting the original copyright, they will not be sold. The only fees would be transaction fees. My main goal is to create a series -from the heart- that allows me to learn how to navigate the practical, technical, and conceptual challenges of this complex process of being a digital artist in 2021.

NFT Projects

NFT Projects

My NFT projects are divided into three main interest:

1-Unlimited Art Creations


The first one will explore the blockchain as a professional photographer,

 NFT’s most salient superpower is that it established a record on the blockchain. It is easier to control the dissemination of my work, but it’s also a new opportunity to reach new audiences and a way to monetize my work easily. 

2- Nae (Under construction)

She is my 9 years niece, and I will manage her artwork; I think this will be a slow process because she is a busy little girl: she swims, is homeschooled, and is always planning all kinds of projects.
For now, I am just a guide of my niece’s path into photography, NFT, and maybe in the future, an artist and an entrepreneur.

3- Loriana Art


This is where all the art experimentation will be happening; I am not a per se digital artist unless photographs are digital art (the jury is out). NFT promises are bast and diverse, and we are just starting to explore them; here, I will create NFTs projects and test my personal take of the space.

And because I will drive myself crazy having three blogs, will house all my writings about NFTs.

For me, anything about NFT is about learning and experimentation… FUN.