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Loriana.crypto naemakingthings.crypto

by | Jun 3, 2021 | English, NaeMakingThings, Overtime Series

My initial idea was to publish everything related to NFT on my website Loriana.Crypto. and all NFT of Nae on naemakingthings.crypto, two websites that I bought from Unstoppable Domains 

Unstoppable Domains builds, launches, and sells its own domain extensions( on the blockchain.  

I set up the initial steps to use them as a blog, and they are fully functional as a crypto payment gateway.

I installed on my brave and chrome browser the extension that supposedly allowed me to resolve the blogs; I have used opera and even the Unstoppable browser: But I haven’t established stable links to edit the blogs or use them as chat.  

I think I haven’t understood and troubleshoot the technical problems that I have found in my way. I will continue working on this, hoping that very soon they can be used as the default blog for all things blockchain, meanwhile, everything will be posted on my website