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My NFT projects are divided into three main interest:

1-Unlimited Art Creations


The first one will explore the blockchain as a professional photographer,

 NFT’s most salient superpower is that it established a record on the blockchain. It is easier to control the dissemination of my work, but it’s also a new opportunity to reach new audiences and a way to monetize my work easily. 

2- Nae (Under construction)

She is my 9 years niece, and I will manage her artwork; I think this will be a slow process because she is a busy little girl: she swims, is homeschooled, and is always planning all kinds of projects.
For now, I am just a guide of my niece’s path into photography, NFT, and maybe in the future, an artist and an entrepreneur.

3- Loriana Art


This is where all the art experimentation will be happening; I am not a per se digital artist unless photographs are digital art (the jury is out). NFT promises are bast and diverse, and we are just starting to explore them; here, I will create NFTs projects and test my personal take of the space.

And because I will drive myself crazy having three blogs, will house all my writings about NFTs.

For me, anything about NFT is about learning and experimentation… FUN.