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It is not easy to discover Houston.  When I came to live here, that was one of the first things I realized about this city. You have to be willing to work for Beauty–to dig it, to trap it, to hunt it–because beauty is hidden in the small details of the city; yet her diversity resides everywhere.   As always, my bridge to beauty has been my camera.   One day going through my files, I realized that I had an impressive amount of nature photos of Houston’s hidden gardens.  You never know what are you going to find: A cotton flower at the Craft Art Museum Garden, a  purple orchid from the Cockrell Butterfly Center, papaya leaves from a neighborhood garden at Bellaire, random pink, white, and purple small flowers at the MD Anderson Garden, massive pink, orange, yellow flowers at Westbury Community garden, big plantain leaves in the East End, or light  coming down through the green, stroking beautiful flowers, transforming every detail in the landscape into shapes and colors — which gives proof that beauty can be found anywhere in Houston, if you are willing to look for it.